23 Nisan 2011 Cumartesi

The Function of Volition in Providing Consciousness

-Love stays vigil through thinking-

Volition is a form of feeling. Consciousness is a higher function which determines the form of cognition.

There are various types of consciousness[2]:
- Reflected
- Pre-reflected
- Others

In the reflective or observing consciousness one is aware of his/her self. One uses the subject ‘I’ in his/her inner talk. One observes what he/she id doing and is aware of it being done by one’s self[4].

In the pre-reflective, non-observing consciousness one is not aware of what he/she is doing. For example one is not aware of how he has driven from home to job. Tasks are done without the observational awareness.

Intention is a form of volition. Intention depends on the condition based on time, place, event or other. Intention mechanism can be vitally important to exit or in being unable to exit pre-reflective consciousness in the cases of emrgency or contemplation.

Intent and volition limit and direct cognition[3].

Feelings think.

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