27 Mart 2013 Çarşamba

Automatic Processes and Speech

Language perception is a semi-automatic process.  When we listen some one’s speech we understand key words first and put them on the premises of a context.  The rest of the sentence or phrase comes automaticly.  We do not try to understand every and each word we hear.

Speaking fast does not mean to hurry everything you say but to slow at the critical points and then throw down the rest at an incredible pace.  Increasing the speed in any mental process means the conversion of the process from a controlled one to an automatic one.

Listening a fast speech in this style is also easy to keep track of because the perception process will also get automatic and automatic processes are easier than controlled ones.

If I allude once more to my previous notes[1,2], some jobs that require continuous and heavy attention for a long duration may hurt the employees’ natural mental balance of controlled vs automatic processing.  In this case, people begin to speak slowly as well as moving slowly.  Feeling difficulties in speech can be observed for long durations even after this type of service.

Using/studying more than 3 to 5 languages concurrently may also hurt the natural automaticity of speech.


[1]  Kendiliğinden Süreçlerin Bilinçle Etkileşimi

[2] On the Interaction of Automatic Processes with Consciousness