14 Ocak 2011 Cuma

The Effect of Concentration on Self

When we hold something in our hand we feel its shape, heat, texture, humidity and thoughness.

We feel the same attributes of our hand relative to that object at the same time.

Anything that we percieve with our body makes us percieve our body also.

Everything that we percieve with our body reminds us the self. They nourish the self and makes it stronger.

Any kind of systems operator - from a simple driver to a pilot or air traffic controller, nuclear – thermal energy reactor operator –must control how much they concentrate and which things they divide their attention.

Situation awareness requires the preservation of self at even the most critical moments against full automaticity.

High concentration directed at external things stops the effect of their reflections on the self.

This situation causes the air traffic controller who has just solved a critical route conflict, to forget the other minor cases which still require to be handled.

The controller should use tactile control instruments (driving wheel design etc) or touch things while controlling so that he maintains self through touching. Moving, touching control strips are necessary for the maintanance of controller’s self and hence his viewpoint.

Body neurishes self.