29 Kasım 2009 Pazar

To Look at Spaces

To look at the space is different by its definition from looking at an object. To look at a space is by definition to look at a space inside an area or volume. Because there exists at least the observer.

Our eyes focus when we look at an object. Our attention concentrate on that object.

When we look at a panaroma-general view we use a special technique of looking. We do not look at individual objects but view the general view. In fact this may be the closest way to look at space. Indeed when we view a panaroma we do not look at the elements that form the general view but the abstract volume that they create…

What is abstract volume then? Abstarct volume is the entity that is created in multiple dimensions by a set of abstarct entities.

If we reutrn back to the beginning once more… Looking at space should trig the opposite of looking functions that are based on focusing (and the other cognitive functions such as attention and concentration). For example, to look at individual trees in a sparsely populated woods vs. looking at the spaces between trees and comparing them etc. may help to difuse concentration and get relaxed. Looking at nothing or not dpecific things may help to relax.