29 Aralık 2007 Cumartesi


The art of civilized manners depend on the skill of leaving space.

I grew up listening the stories of how my father saved the remains of a US airplane at Toros mountains sometime in 1950s. My father was a Commando training officer.

Once I asked him to teach me how to protect myself like a commando soldier. He refused basicly. He taught me how to leave space instead.

Isn’t it the same when driving a car? You have to leave space Btw the car at the front and your own.

It is the same in air traffic control (ATC). The ATC controllers Communicate with the pilots and arrange things so that there is always enough physical space btw airplanes.

Actually, this space can be not only physical but also abstract. We must leave space fort he mistakes, weaknesses of others in order to be safe…

On July the 15th, 19:25 O’Clock. Over Camlica hill at İstanbul I saw a ‘heavily’ loaded airplane, which may be THY… If the structural capacity of a system is used fully for a long Duration, this means increased risk according to a normal load, Specially at landing in wet conditions, etc…

I wish, his graceful excellency Mr. PUTIN could make An arrangement so that these people carrying goods in their Baggages would use other means that do not endanger Anybody. It is not fare to risk people’s lives because of Confrontation or some other reason on both government sides.

The iron fist Russian rules mixed with weakness in authority at Istanbul may prove deadly.

What is the difference btw Rome and Istanbul? The public squares in Rome are much bigger. There are wide
Pedestrian areas and traffic crossroads in Rome. Something to think about for my fellow citizens. Strategic limits should be applied before it gets too late.